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All courses at Linguisticator rely on spatial and visual learning techniques. Whether you are interested in applying these techniques to learning languages or to learning a range of other subjects, there will be a course subscription that’s right for you.

Build Your Memory Palace

Ultimate Language and Memory

A language package subscription at Linguisticator includes a huge number of courses and materials. Not only will you get full access to the language of your choice – complete with video instruction, audio downloads, and pdfs – but you’ll also get access to all the memory courses.

  • 1 Language of your choice
  • Memory Course
  • Core Course (Linguistics)
  • ALL Memory Modules

Premium Memory Package

A memory-only package at Linguisticator includes access not only to our core memory course, but also to all additional memory modules, from how to learn numbers to presidents of the USA. We are adding more of these modules throughout 2016 (and will take suggestions!).

  • Memory Course
  • ALL Memory Modules

How Memory Works

When we learn new subjects, information is usually presented in the form of text and number. But textual and numerical information is hard to remember because it’s made up of symbols – you can’t taste numbers or touch letters. When we experience things with our five senses – as well as our internal senses – we remember them easily.

Memory training involves first learning how to convert textual and numerical information into something experiential so it can be remembered. Then, we can use space as a way of organizing and retaining those experiences – like a large mental library. This is the concept of the memory palace.

The technique is so simple, yet so powerful, even young children can learn to recall complex information – from large numbers to historical events – with incredible technical precision. In fact, in our trials with dyslexic children in Cambridge, most were able to learn multiple 11-digit numbers in their first hour, repeating them forwards and backwards. What’s more, in follow-up visits 1-2 weeks later, they could still recall everything they’d learned.

How Languages Work

As children, we pick up the structures of language very quickly. By the time we’re 8 years old, we are fluent in our native languages – but we’re certainly not done learning.

Most of our vocabulary – particularly our professional vocabulary – is actually learned as adults. We don’t usually think of this as “language learning” because it is all done within the context of our native languages.

If we can get access to a new framework, the structure of a new language, then we can begin the process of expanding within that language in the same way we continue to learn in our native language throughout our lives. In other words, if we can master the grammar quickly and effectively, we can start learning by reading books, watching movies, and talking to people – all the fun stuff.

At Linguisticator, we map out all the patterns, variations, and exceptions of each language, presenting them in our comprehensive maps. Our video courses not only explain all of the material on these maps, but also how to store the entire map in your memory using a memory palace.

For most learners, our rigorous language maps look daunting at first; but when you learn how to unlock the potential of your spatial mind using our memory systems, you’ll see how you can master an entire language map in a matter of weeks. This gets the hardest part of language learning out of the way right at the beginning and will allow you to develop a fluency that is from inception 100% accurate.

What is the Core Course?

At Linguisticator, we define a language as “A system of solutions to problems of communication.” All languages ultimately solve the same problems of communication – our Core Course is essentially a course in practical linguistics, exploring these problems and the ways in which languages solve them.

If you have studied several languages before, you will be familiar with much of the content in the Core Course, but you will not have seen the material presented together in this framework.

If you are new to language learning, this is an important resource. It will explain all the complex linguistic concepts necessary for mastering language quickly, from gender and case to tense and mood.

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When you learn how to organize information spatially and visually, you can learn huge amounts of material quickly and effectively. Recalling the information is as simple as making a cup of tea.