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Language and Memory

What Makes a Language "Difficult"?

I hear it all the time: "Oh, Japanese, that's really hard" or "Arabic? Isn't that supposed to be impossible to learn?" So many people have asked me: "What is the hardest language to learn?" So what is it that makes a language "difficult"? In a certain sense, no language is any more difficult...


Morphology and Syntax – The Foundation

I've had another question come in that's worth answering here on the blog: what are morphology and syntax? Morphology and syntax are absolutely essential concepts when it comes to language learning. From a structural standpoint, everything in a language will be accomplished through...


The Alchemy of Learning a New Language

The truth about learning a new language is that there is no silver bullet — no single activity or exercise will take you to fluency. Language is complex, that's one of things that makes it so cool. But to learn something complex and intricate requires a multilayered approach. Each of the...


New Linguisticator Blog!

This is the new blog section of the Linguisticator site. Here, you'll find additional information on the course as well as articles on language learning and language materials. Have questions? Contact me and I'll be glad to write answers to put up and share in this space. This is not an...