Time Management for Language Learning

What is the best way to learn a language and how long will it take? – FREE

What is the best way to learn a language and how long will it take?

The answers to these questions depend on a number of factors, which we will explore in this free course. What is your learning objective? Do you want to use the language for travel, a professional application, or for academic scholarship? Do you have any previous experience with the language you're learning? What about related languages? How long the process takes and what you do to reach your goals will depend on your actual targets and previous experience.

It is possible to determine exactly how long it will take to learn a language – but if you want a specific answer, you'll need specific inputs. This course explores everything you need to consider in order to set your learning objectives and the progression you'll need to reach those objectives.

What is Fluency?

We start off this short course by defining fluency in a practical sense, breaking it apart into its three main components: structural, ritual, and cultural fluency. Total fluency is a combination of these three different components, but you might not need all three for your own specific goals.

We move on from defining fluency to look at how to create a personal objective in language learning. Finally, we look at how you can work back from your objective to determine a clearly defined training progression.

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Your Instructor

Aaron Ralby
Aaron Ralby

Dr. Aaron Ralby is the founder and director of Linguisticator Ltd. He holds a BA in English and Modern Languages and Linguistics from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County; an MPhil in Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic from the University of Cambridge; and a PhD in Medieval Studies from Cornell University. Aaron is the principle overseer of course creation at Linguisticator and also presents all final materials produced by his team of linguists and native speakers.

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