Arabic Map (MSA)




This complete map of Arabic presents all the structural patterns, variations, and exceptions in Modern Standard Arabic. The map serves as the full review to our video program, which explores and explains this map in detail, as well as providing full instruction in the writing system, survival language, vocabulary, and memory systems to learn and store this entire map in your mind.

This is the only map to present the entire verbal system of Arabic in one place. You can see all forms and conjugations laid out in a logical and comprehensive fashion. The map also provides all noun declensions, broken plural patters, agreement rules, syntax patterns, and practical constructions. Mastering the content on this map will take you to an advanced level of knowledge, beyond what is typically required even for a professional level of language use.

The map itself measures roughly 5 feet in length and 4 feet in height (142 cm wide x 127cm high)* and is printed in high definition on a matte, finely woven polyester fabric. The whole map folds up small enough to stuff in a pocket. The fabric itself is silky smooth and presents the text as clearly as a printed page. The text is in normal 12 point font.

*Actual sizes may vary slightly because of hemming process