English Map


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See the entire structure of English on one color-coded sheet of fabric. All the “irregularities” and “exceptions” start to make sense when grouped and presented by category and pattern. Did you know there are only seven words in English that form their plural like “tooth – teeth”?

This map of English was first produced as part of a project sponsored by the UK Ministry of Defence for teaching English to the Libyan military. It contains all rules concerning the individual pieces of English grammar – from nouns to prepositions – as well as syntax patterns and constructions. This map presents all irregular verbs in English, organizing them by their historical patterns of formation. This makes it easy to see that there are in fact only a few truly irregular verbs in English – all the rest are called strong verbs, and behave according to regular patterns.

For the complete video course explaining the English map in detail, please see Linguisticator’s child site, ELT Tiger.

The map of English is printed on a finely woven polyester fabric. It measures just under 5ft x 3ft (145cm wide x 90cm high)* and is silky smooth to the touch. The text is razor sharp — as clear as a printed page — and is set to 12pt font, so is highly legible.

*Actual sizes may vary slightly because of hemming process