German Map




The map of German includes all German grammar in a single compact and beautifully presented map. While you can use the map on its own, the Linguisticator online German video program goes through and explains every pattern on this map. Recordings by native speakers of every example on the map are included with your online subscription (but not with purchase of the fabric map). In the video course, you’ll also learn how to build a memory palace to remember all of the content on this map.

One of the most difficult aspects of German is learning all the case endings on nouns. These change depending on gender, so you need to be able to tell the gender of each noun. Fortunately, there are clear rules for what endings and categories define each gender. This map sets out all the rules for gender formation in German so you’ll be able to tell whether a noun is masculine, feminine, or neuter just by looking at it. The map also sets out all the different verb patterns, including the strong verbs (often called irregular) by their patterns of tense formation. All the material is carefully presented to highlight the underlying logic of the language, making it easier to understand and learn.

The map itself measures roughly 5 feet in length and 3 feet in height (140 cm wide x 91cm high)* and is printed in high definition on a matte, finely woven polyester fabric. The whole map folds up small enough to stuff in a pocket. The fabric itself is silky smooth and presents the text as clearly as a printed page. The text is in normal 12 point font, so is actually larger than the print in many books and resources.

*Actual sizes may vary slightly because of hemming process