Magical Quincunx (Macunx)




The Magical Quincunx — or “Macunx” — is a specially designed memory structure that can be used to expand your mental storage space significantly. The quincunx structure not only allows you to group memories into blocks of five, it also allows you to tell visually what number an item is within your mind. Each position in the quincunx — and in the Macunx — is visually distinct and marked for number. In other words, by using the Macunx memory structure, you can store up to 100 items and be able to tell instantly — without counting — what number an item is within the list. Start combining Macunxes using Linguisticator’s instructions for building memory palaces and you’ll quickly go from 100 spaces to developing structures to hold 10,000 or more pieces of information.

The Macunx structure is here printed on fabric so you can lay it out before you and use it along with the online video courses to store the maps of languages. The video courses will show you how to use this memory structure for the different components of a language and how you can embed it within a memory journey. While you will end up carrying the structure in your mind, we find it helps to have it sitting in front of you while doing the actual memory storage of a language.