Build a Memory Palace to Learn Anything

Dr Aaron Ralby, founder and CEO of Linguisticator, delivers a TEDx talk about how to use medieval memory techniques to reach fluency in foreign languages.
Linguisticator provides online training in memory techniques and languages. We teach adults and children alike how to unlock the tremendous power of their spatial memories.

Medieval Memory Training

If you can make a cup of tea, you can build a memory palace.

A memory palace is an ancient technique of using space as a way of organizing memories. It’s a powerful tool for learning, retaining, and recalling large amounts of complex information quickly and effectively. In the middle ages, these techniques were widely used to learn and also compose large texts and works of literature.

Linguisticator has adapted these medieval techniques for modern use. Our online courses will guide you step-by-step through not only the basics of memory techniques, but also how to apply them to practical subjects.

The best part is that memory palaces are a lot of fun to build. You use the memories you have and the things you enjoy thinking about in order to learn new material that might be difficult or boring.

Memory Courses

Our language maps are fully explained through our online courses, but we also offer them as physical products. We print our maps on high quality fabric.

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Advanced Language Training

Linguisticator’s online language training programs are designed for those serious about learning a new language to a high level of fluency. We will walk you step-by-step through the process of building a memory palace to learn the entire grammar of a new language.

Through extensive research, Linguisticator has produced its signature language maps – comprehensive and exhaustive maps of the structure of each language. These maps include every pattern, variation, and exception within the grammar of the language. In other words, it is everything you need to know in order to be able to say whatever you want.

These maps contain a large amount of rigorous linguistic material – but when you learn how to unlock the power of your spatial memory using our memory course, you will be able to learn an entire map in just weeks. With the structure of a new language mastered, you can begin learning organically from context and enjoy expanding your ability in your new language through reading books, watching movies, and speaking to people about the topics that are of interest to you personally.

Our goal is to get you beyond pre-constructed resources as quickly as possible. This is particularly important if you need to use a new language professionally, or if you are under a time constraint to reach proficiency.

Language Courses

Memory and Dyslexia

After a number of queries from our users, we have been running trials of our memory techniques with dyslexic children in Cambridge throughout the spring of 2016. Although the trials are still ongoing, the initial results have been phenomenal, and we are currently looking to expand our offering in this area.

By replacing textual and numerical information with spatial and visual learning, we have found ways to essentially circumvent the major challenges faced by those with dyslexia. This means we can allow dyslexic children to continue learning a standard curriculum, but come at such curriculum from a different angle.

We're Building Memory Palaces in VR

Linguisticator is currently developing a new tool for creating memory palaces in 3-D and virtual reality. This new platform will open up new avenues of learning in many disciplines and applications. Please check out the demo to the right and have a look at our successful Kickstarter!

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About Munx VR

We are currently developing Munx VR, a virtual reality application for building memory palaces. Memory palaces rely heavily on a user’s imagination, and you essentially learn to remember your own creative images and associations. With Munx VR, however, you’ll be able to actually see those images in space with your own eyes.

Not only will you be able to create memory palaces however you see fit, you’ll also have the opportunity to explore guided modules that walk you step-by-step through the process of learning new subjects using space and images. You will have full control over what mnemonics and images you choose, but you’ll benefit from advanced guidance in how to structure and organize your memory palace.

In other words, with Munx VR you’ll be able to learn large and complex subjects with the same ease that you learn the layout of a new building or park, simply by strolling through it.