Munx VR: Memory Palaces in Virtual Reality

By combining medieval memory techniques with modern languages, we are redefining the way we learn, understand, and retain information in our minds.

Watch the TEDx Talk below explaining Munx VR (formerly Macunx VR) and how it can change the way we learn and see the world.

What is Munx VR?

Munx VR is a software for building memory palaces in 3D and virtual reality to learn huge amounts in short time and with full retention.

By combining medieval memory techniques with modern technology, we are redefining the way we learn, understand, and retain information in our minds.

Imagine knowing the periodic table in the same way you know the layout of your living room, or being able to recall a president or ruler with the same effortlessness of reaching for a mug when making a cup of tea.

You can try Munx VR for free on Steam. Once you have downloaded the software, you can access our Store to see pre-built memory palaces for a range of subjects.

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Why Virtual Reality?

Spatial, not just Visual

As human beings, we are all spatial - we live in a 3D world. Just getting up in the morning and getting dressed requires us to know the precise locations of dozens of objects. We can learn new spaces quickly and easily, but we often ignore our huge spatial capacity when it comes to learning academic subjects.

With VR, we can translate that amazing spatial ability we all possess into academic learning. We can explore our own imaginations in 3D, actually seeing mnemonics in space with our own eyes.

Three Modes in Munx VR

1. In Free Build mode, you'll have free reign to create memory palaces however you like. You can create your own environments in VR and use them to learn the subjects of your choosing.

This mode requires you to know how to build memory palaces already. It is essentially an extension of your own imagination, allowing you to see your imagination in front of you with your own eyes.

2. In Guided Mode, you can select a module for a specific subject you want to learn, such as anatomy or French Grammar. Find the memory palace you want within the Store, download it, and follow the prompts on the instructor spots to learn the subject. You'll be walked step-by-step through the process of creating a memory palace for that subject.

Even if you have used more memory techniques before, figuring out how to apply them to large and complex subjects can be really challenging. Guided Build removes that challenge and means you can get started learning real and practical subjects as soon as you are familiar with the basic concepts of memory techniques.

3. Instructor Mode. Do you build memory palaces like a boss? Want to share your knowledge? Instructor mode allows you to create your own Guided Modules, which you can then market on the Munx platform.

Whether it is for your 7th grade history class, or your new recruits who need to get to grips with company processes, Instructor Mode allows you to create guided modules for any subjects of your choosing.

The name 'Munx'

The name Munx comes from the word "Macunx," which itself is short for Magical Quincunx. The Macunx is a 2D design developed by Dr Aaron Ralby. This geometric pattern uses the quincunx (the shape of the 5 side of dice) to create a memory structure that allows you to learn 100 pieces of information in sequence and by number. The inspiration for the structure came from a 12th century treatise by Hugh of St. Victor on how to memorize all 150 Psalms by number and line number. The name of our software – Munx VR – references both this powerful structure as well as the medieval monks who inspired our work in the first place.

As a 2D structure, the Macunx can be hung on a wall in your memory palace like a painting. This multiples the amount of information you can store at each location by a factor of 100! You can import and use 3D Macunxes directly within Munx VR.

Using Munx VR

School Subjects. Information storage and retention is an important part of learning – it’s difficult to understand many subjects if we don’t have the parts and pieces that make up that subject.

Special Education. Spatial memory techniques are amazingly effective for those with dyslexia and other special educational needs. By converting text and number into image and space, you circumvent many of the challenges of dyslexia.

Professional Training. From medicine to law, any subject requiring large amounts of knowledge can be quickly mastered using Macunx. Even company specific processes can be delivered in guided modules

Examples on YouTube

We have a range of examples of Munx VR in action on our YouTube channel. Here are a few examples of some memory palaces:

German Articles

French Grammar

US Presidents